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Full Version: Do you love watching movies
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Horrible Bosses 2
This movie is amazing! I have never laughed so hard, and so often, from beginning to end of a movie, like I did in this one. The script and actors are just absolutely hilarious. We all know that Jason and Jason are extremely talented and funny comedic actors...but Charlie Day just steals this movie.(Watch Horrible Bosses 2 Online) His character does some of the funniest things in the movie (both verbally and physically). Chris Pine did a good job in his role also. Christoph seemed very similar to other roles that he's done in previous movies, but he played a good character in this one. And the way that they managed to bring back Jennifer and Jamie was brilliant...their scenes are just laugh-out-loud funny. I will definitely see this movie a few times. And seeing the first one isn't totally necessary, but it definitely helps, and I would recommend it.

The Babadook
I saw this film on Copenhagen pix yesterday. The movie was compared to "the orphanage", and even though i liked that film i was a bit in doubt if i should go for it because i was not in the mood for a heavy emotional, mother and son horror-drama. But its everything but.(Watch The babadook Online) Sure its horror, sure its drama, but the tone is very different from the Spanish movies around same kind of subject which are very serious.This is way more fresh, snappy and sometimes funny actually, without being lame. But also creepy, its the change of moods thats freaky. Nice style. The actors are supreme and the whole socialrrealistic scene around it is far out and overexagerated, which the horror part also is. But it works, because its a metaphorical movie describing a feeling. Its highly original. If you expect the same supernatural children horror movie As you have seen before, think twice. This is new, this is cool, different. The best movie i have seen in a year. Serious. It never gets melodramatic, its fast, entertaining and a bit psychedelic. Very refreshing. And smart, clever. It has it all. I am a big fan.

Night At The Museum Secret Of Tomb
20th Century Fox unveiled seven character posters for next month’s Night at the Museum: Secret of the Tomb yesterday, and for those who just came for the posters they will be after the page break/jump. Six of the seven of the posters, which of course highlight a specific main or supporting character, uses some kind of play on the word “night” in a fashion that somewhat acknowledges their character in some fashion. What’s also notable is that there is just one female in the seven offered posters (one of which contains two male supporting characters), implying that the ratio among main characters for this PG-rated kids-centric adventure fantasy is 12.5% female. For the purpose of the advertising, and presumably the final product, Rebel Wilson isn’t just providing comic relief but also standing in for the gender that makes up 51% of the country. Now the filmmakers of Night at the Museum: Secret of the Tomb aren’t evil or malicious, nor does said demographic split inherently stand out in today’s marketplace. And that in itself is the issue.(Watch Night At The Museum 3 Online)Here we have a mainstream, kid-friendly big-budget studio fantasy film that didn’t seem to think that they should have more than one major female character in the mix. That’s par for the course.

You know when you taste something really bad, and then you try to get other people to taste it just so you can have someone to commiserate with?(Watch Annie Online) That's how I feel right now about the trailer for the new "Annie" movie, because oh my god, it is so bad and you must watch it immediately.
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Yes i love watching movies and depends on my mood what kind of movie i'll watch some time action sometime love stories.
Night At The Museum Secret Of Tomb.
Ah! I have watched all of these movies and am simply a fan. There was time when I used to go for the first day first show but after having kids everything changes and now I prefer watching movies at home. I am glad there are apps which makes it easy for us. I even watch kids’ shows by Andy Yeatman at times. Very interesting!
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